PFA Rehabilitation Scheme

Professional Footballers AssociationRehab at Lilleshall is available to all P.F.A. members who are recovering from injury. The Lilleshall rehab programmes are designed to compliment the treatment that is provided for players at their own clubs. Many club Physios refer their players to Lilleshall with the intention of providing a change of environment. This helps to maintain the motivation & interest of long term injured players. Other referrals are made at times when a club Physio has a heavy workload of shorter term injuries that limit the time that can be spent with longer term injured players. All costs are covered by the P.F.A. Club Medical Staff can refer their players for Rehab at Lilleshall by calling 01952 605828



Gordon TaylorGordon Taylor (Professional Footballers Association Chief Executive) explains the importance of the unique partnership between the PFA & Lilleshall Sports Injury Rehab:

"The Professional Footballers Association is the worlds longest established professional sportsmens union. The PFA has continued to develop and expand since its formation at the Imperial Hotel, Manchester in 1907 when the meeting was chaired by Billy Meredith of Manchester United and Wales, a living legend and wizard of the dribble before the days of Stanley Matthews, George Best and David Beckham.

Those early forefathers would be proud of the progress the PFA has made since that time as we are now involved in every aspect of a players career. The PFA recognise that the career of a Professional player can be threatened at any time by injury and we have always looked for ways to help players who have suffered career halting or threatening injuries.

The Professional Footballers Association recognise that the treatment offered at Lilleshall greatly enhances the recovery of players following injury and with this in mind we entered into a partnership with the Lilleshall Sports Injury Rehab Centre in 1996. To date over 3,000 rehab places have been provided at Lilleshall. The PFA Injury Rehab Scheme compliments those services that are provided by the clubs and is easily accessible and free at the point of contact for our members."